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Do you agree?

I used to be against the government forcing anyone to do anything, then, about 6 months later, I grew up.

I now realize that the argument that a business owner should be allowed to discriminate against people because of their race is the same argument that churches make when they refuse to wed someone because of irrelevant reasons about their sexual proclivities.

I do not agree that religious conviction should permit someone to discriminate against the public, especially seeing how marriage is a protected right. And I ESPECIALLY don’t agree that anyone who receives 5 billion dollars a year in tax breaks should be allowed to discriminate, regardless of the reason.

Sorry, but you don’t live in a solipsist universe. Other people exist. Don’t like it? My suggestion for you would be to either close down your church (which, as an atheist, I’d love), or move out of the country (which, as a patriot, I would also love).

If you’re in agreement with the government forcing anyone to do anything, are any of us truly free?

Would you be okay with an African American band being forced to perform at a backyard KKK rally?

Would you be okay with a Jewish catering service being forced to cater a Nazis skinhead party?

Would you be okay with an atheist DJ being forced to perform at a religious event?

Marriage is a religious or spiritual ceremony/custom, so therefore it is a right under the Constitution;  but there is no right in the United States, or on the face of the planet for that matter, that declares anyone HAS to do something against their will.  That is slavery whether your agree with the reasoning behind the decision or not.  No, every American has the freedom to refuse service to anyone for any reason they seem fit, even if that reason is bigoted, racist, homophobic, religious, or otherwise.  The Civil Rights Act is not permission to stomp personal liberty to fight injustice.  You wrote in your post that you linked to, “Why do you want to stop someone from getting married?"  If you can’t understand how this is not the same thing, then I can’t help you.  No, one is denying homosexuals the opportunity to get married, only the state can do that; they are merely opting out of offering their services to the event.

Again, you are letting your bigotry for organized religion get the better of your reasoning and have taken opposition to another form of intolerance to an irrational, reckless extreme.

I really wish people could understand this better

Top 15 Favorite Video Games Countdown

#15: Starfox 64 for Nintendo 64

I did this countdown about two years ago but I thought I’d shorten it and revamp my picks, since we all change over time. Starfox 64 was the reason I wasn’t ever upset at having to stop playing outside with my friends and get dragged to the store by my parents. I didn’t have a Nintendo 64 when it came out, and none of my friends did either so the best I could do was hogging the system for the entire hour my parents forced me to go to Target with them. And it was worth every minute. On rails shooters are pretty much outdated nowadays, but this was a top of the line arcade style flight shooter. I hadn’t played the SNES version of Starfox, so this was my first look at the series and, in my opinion, the best look thus far. This is one game I’d never sell.

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