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This is basically what it’s like when you go to a Spanish speaking country. I majored in Spanish, I have spoken Spanish fluently since high school, but once you run into that one guy who slurs his speech or has one too many idioms, you’re totally boned.

So, I never trash talk when I play video games. Ever. I think it’s pretty disrespectful and takes away a lot of the fun. And don’t people think it’s really mean when they’re sitting there shouting “Yeah, eat shit! Get fucked! Go suck a dick!” and the other person is sitting there, not saying a single word? Just playing in silence? Idk.

But I do know that when my roommate stops trash talking, it’s because he is trying desperately to contain his rage. It has only happened twice, but it happened tonight while playing Smash Bros Melee. I seriously don’t play try-hard, I just play for fun. But apparently Princess Peach was too much tonight.

So that’s a thing.

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